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A Facebook user can contact the Facebook Privacy Administrator, which has access to users’ photos, contact information and any settings stored on Facebook.

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What happens to data about me if I delete my account?

Please see our deletion terms of service.

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New data from New Orleans reveals more than 1.4 million New Orleans residents lost their electricity as Hurricane Katrina left the city completely isolated, with the city completely cut off from the U.S. electric grid and virtually no service to the nearly 5,000 households that still had power after the storm.

The most recent data from the New Orleans Public Utility Regulatory Authority shows that 11,300 households lost power by the time of the storm in September 2005. The figures, collected by the New Orleans Fire Department through the New Orleans Emergency Operations Center, show that power outages and other incidents related to the storm are common, especially in areas of New Orleans east of the French Quarter.

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Though the city and city-owned utilities are committed to providing electricity to affected residents, the loss of power and its long-term health impacts are not always known.

Although the city had an ongoing power contract with the regional energy exchange based out of Lake Charles, Louisiana, when the storm hit, more than 60 million volts of electricity flowed from the exchange into the city’s energy supply. After the storm’s passage, the city’s water and sewer company shut down service to hundreds of thousands of residents.

New Orleans officials have stressed that residents should not take their electric power as they may leave with it and instead should have the utility contact local police for assistance.

In December 2005, New Orleans passed a law that requires utilities to provide energy to areas under a disaster declaration within 36 hours. But there are no emergency guidelines in place when people need power, and the city has not established any rules limiting the amount of electricity provided to a resident. (New Orleans officials are currently drafting rules for utility companies who are expected to maintain or increase the number of hours in which power is available to affected residents.)

Cameron Hanes / Getty The body of David Kelly, 27, a Canadian soldier stationed in Afghanistan, was found by police officers in his bed.

A man who disappeared from his home in Canada has been found dead, according to a news release from Toronto Police.

David Kelly, 27, was found unresponsive in his room in the town of Newmarket, Ont., Tuesday. Police were

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