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For example we took a photo of a dog and placed it on a large sheet of photo-paper. We put the photo on the sheet in such a way that you can see his face clearly and see what he is doing.

There is plenty of stuff in between the photo elements and what you see, in the photo itself (such as shadows and perspective issues). It’s a very basic photo-paper printing technique.

For the next question, we used the same technique. With the dog and the sheets folded as close as possible, we printed and cut out this photo, and then added a label (from the label, not the dog’s front) and a “taste and feel” statement to say that this is a photo-paper cutout of the dog.

Here’s how it looks, side by side.

You can see that we’ve done a lot of work in the process here: a couple of layers – and a bunch of extra layers. When you print this out, though, it’s not difficult at all to see the dog’s front.

In some situations, this is not a problem. For instance, if the photo is part of an ongoing book with a continuous cover, then there can be lots of continuity between the photo-paper and the printout.

But as far as we can tell, this photo is printed entirely on photo-paper.

So, is there a “right” or “wrong” way to have a photo-paper photo printed on paper, versus on screen or on vinyl?

For some photos, that’s the only question. Other photo-papers are more complex, but they’re not generally meant to be used in this way. We’d be very careful about printing a photo on a “screen,” though.

To take one instance that’s definitely not right…

When we do a portrait print, we typically work closely with the photographer. We ask them all the right questions: are you able to sit down straight? Can I sit without discomfort?

Here we’re trying to print a photo as the photo-paper itself has the power to create a nice “print” of the photo. But since this photo is cut and folded from a larger document, its edges, corners and face are quite different from what’s normally printed.

For a really good result, the photo should be able to stand the test of time without further damage.

Why do we print on photos

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