How does free prints make money?

It depends on what you sell.

A print can come from the printer’s online print platform (print on demand) or direct from someone who’s already bought it. Many printers have the ability to sell items directly to consumers and/or online, but they have very specific fees that they charge. For more details, see here.

How are Freebies designed?

Freebies are designed to work with the free print service. Freebies are not designed for sale with the service. This is an ongoing process with free print service.

Is my credit card charged by Free Print?

No, our credit card processing fees are not included in the price.

Does Free Print charge me for my credit card information?

Free Print provides the necessary data to send you emails for the first 7 days of your membership (with an opt-out option). No other payment is required for the Free Print credit.

How will you track the purchases?

Your credit card information will be sent via your Free Print account to the seller. Once your membership expires, you’ll automatically be charged for the free print service with which you’ve been charged.

Can I print a physical item?

Yes! As long as you are using the service for personal use and have the proper authorization, you can print a physical copy.

Can I still print from Free Print even with a credit card?

Yes. You can still download the service’s print files (with a payment plan), print from your device, print from your PC. If you’re printing in bulk, the prints will ship at your own cost.

Can I print via the printer?

Yes! You can also print via the printer. All physical items that you make available for printing can be printed in the online print platform (print on demand) and print from your device.

When are payment plans offered and are they offered in print?

Payment plans are offered for both physical items and eBooks.

What information is required for using the free print service (eBook or print)?

Please note, your payment card information (including the cardholder name and card number) must be entered on your invoice. Payment options are in English only.

I was charged for printing a print (or eBook): who should I contact?

If the information on your invoice indicates a pricing charge, you may want to contact the appropriate seller.

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