How long has digital photography been around? – Shutterstock Pricing

Photography has been around for a long time. Before digital cameras there was film and photography has been used to express emotion, and to make pictures.

Can photography be used to hide information?

Yes, by recording things, capturing photos of things you find interesting and then storing them as a digital format – if you have a camera and it is working properly.

Is photography dangerous to the public?

No, at all. You can’t kill yourself by looking at photos or videos and you will never lose your photography talent.

Are there risks involved in photographing in public?

The risk is not the photo itself, but rather who gets taken and what happens after you take the photo.

Can I photograph without a permit?

Yes, but it costs around £75 to obtain a photographer’s licence.

Do permits require approval?

The permit is only required if you are photographing and there is a concern about public safety.

Can I photograph people taking photographs under their clothing?


What is the proper photograph etiquette when photographing and/or capturing people taking pictures?

If the photographer is an employee of the person taking a photo of you, keep it professional (there are a few guidelines). You also make sure that the photographer has permission to take photos of you and to do a good job. The person taking a photo of you should also be respectful and considerate to you. And a great photograph is one on which the subject is looking your way with a relaxed look. And, if you are taking photographs on private property, make sure you keep the door unlocked. You can get more information on our etiquette page here and for more general questions regarding public behavior please contact the City of Manchester’s licensing and licensing team on 0161 838 5940 or visit

Are there special rules for people using selfie sticks in public places or taking photographs in public?

The selfie stick is a simple, inexpensive way of capturing and sharing a moment that happens in public and which may be of interest to others.

Is it legal to photograph people taking photographs in public?

Yes, there are specific rules which have been in place since January 2010 to regulate the use of photography under the control of photographers.

Can I photograph people taking photographs on their own property?


Are people allowed to shoot or film my photographs in a public place?

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