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In the past week or two, I’ve been in a lot of meetings, but when I look back on them, I’ll remember how I got to where I am today. The stories I told were as unique and valuable as the individuals and organizations that brought them to light, and the impact they had on their audience. The photos were there because so much effort went into them, for both the photographer and the image itself.

And if your favorite image doesn’t win, there’s no shame in not sharing it because it will always go down as a favorite. You’ve just added context or value to an otherwise mundane image.

Here are some other ways to increase revenue from your photography.

1. Tell stories with your pictures

It seems like the more you tell a story with your images, the more likely it is to win more business. You make your audience feel connected to you, and that makes the story more valuable to potential buyers. There are a lot of stories out there that you don’t think you can share with your audience because nobody else is telling it.

We use our photo of the rainbow to explain the importance that beauty has throughout the world, and to talk about how powerful the images are and why they are an important part of our lives.

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2. Share your photos on a network where the audience is already part of the community

I use Flickr as part of our community, where we share images to share a common connection — and to grow our portfolio as photographers. We have around 120,000 photos that are taken by everyone from school children to a local photographer.

Sometimes it’s hard to share, because you may be in a competition and if you’re in a crowded area, you may not get the attention you’d like, but by sharing this information to help grow our portfolio and bring customers in to the network, we help ensure that every photo we post gets a chance to show up in the community.

3. Start a blog on your website

If you don’t have a blog yet, take one, learn about it, follow other bloggers, and find a niche that interests you. I started a blog for myself that features the photos I take along with their story, as well as other topics in photography. It’s been a great way to explore and share my passions, especially in the form of beautiful photos.

And if your photography blog doesn’t interest you

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