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If you are looking for a cheap way to give your hair a nice trim, this easy DIY can do it. There are so many ways to do this – from a straight, neat look to messy style.

The key thing to remember is, keep your edges straight. This allows that great texture to show through without feeling too out of place. With the right technique, you can get a nice natural finish to your hair without any bobby pins in sight.

Start out by cutting a long, thick hair clip in half. The edges should be straight, and the middle of the clip should be a bit loose.

For the best results, you want to get your clip to match the ends of your hair. You can do the same thing with the clip or by creating your own.

Once the ends are just right, wrap the short ends of the clip around your hair one at a time, securing them with a hair clip.

After that, wrap any hair underneath you (either above or below) using the same technique.

Take the tape from the base and roll it around the hair.

Finally, twist the tape and secure it around the hair before pulling it out!

You may also be interested in the following guide, which teaches you to create an even more sophisticated and stylish look by using hair clips instead of bobby pins!

This past Friday, the National Basketball Association announced a deal in principle to sell its broadcast rights to NBA All-Star Game games to Turner Sports. The deal is a joint venture between the league and Turner Sports. The two companies signed a 30-year deal with an option for a 36-year extension, according to the Associated Press. Turner Sports agreed to purchase the rights to the NBA All-Star Game from the NBA in a move that will see more than 500 million viewers tuning in to watch.

The NBA also acquired rights to the 2016-17 NBA Playoffs from Time Warner Cable and has plans to air them on an accelerated schedule beginning this year.

In addition, the NBA will soon start airing the World Series on television across broadcast, cable, digital and mobile platforms. The NBA and Turner Sports will also expand their partnership to the international market with a deal likely to become official in the near future.

Tribune Media reported on July 26 that the NBA’s ownership group has made an offer to buy the Turner Sports, Time Warner Cable and NBA Television networks for $8 billion. The media company noted on the announcement