Is it worth getting a degree in photography? – Watch Youtube Video Earn Money

In my career of over 30 years, I’ve taken dozens of students from all over the U.S. This isn’t a place that is particularly known for producing excellent photography students, but here it is, and I’m happy to take your business! The only requirement for business is that you’ve taken a photography degree in the U.S. (I’ve taken students from all over Canada and Mexico, so why not from the U.S. as well?)

Let’s face it, a degree isn’t necessarily an absolute requirement to start a business (there’s plenty of “good” ones out there). I can’t speak for everyone, but I would highly suggest reading up on the various business development courses available online—especially the ones offered by the major photography schools. And even though this isn’t a guide to what to study for a degree (although I have included a few links below), I certainly didn’t just do this to make business easy. I think I would have gotten more out of my photography degree even than I got out of the degree I just took.

The best part is that many of the degree programs are free to download—which means many people (including myself) can start businesses in the U.S. just for a degree.

1. Photography 101: The Basics

This course does a great job giving you the bare minimum to get you started, but it doesn’t really cover a whole lot. You’ll take it in two sessions. You might want to take your time, but it’s a good opportunity to get in the habit of learning about composition and lighting. The course is also a great way to get your feet wet with the concept of camera techniques, though you’re not going to actually write that down…

2. Photography 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Now this course is much longer than the previous one, and it’s geared toward photographers who have no idea of the technical aspects of photography. I would say this is the best class of this kind if you’re trying to learn the basics of photography. There’s a great mix of topics, and it’s very thorough yet easy to understand.

In addition, every lecture is recorded, meaning you won’t forget anything or lose something in your notes afterwards. You’ll spend two total lecture hours on this one. You can also listen to the lecture after a class time (there are a lot of different ways to listen to lectures online), or watch it on a mobile device or on TV (

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