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One of my clients asks to see me do a custom photo of a model in a lingerie model shoot. I have done custom photos of my clients including celebrities. For $125 I’ll take the photo that most closely matches what you want. I can also help you make a custom photoshoot for you or if the shoot needs more than one, I can do it as well.

What photo should I create for my special client

As with a professional photographer, please consider what your special client is looking for in their photo shoot. What does she want the photo of? You’re best bet is to look at what she really wants and then create a unique photo that showcases all those things that make her the perfect photo shoot partner.

What kind of pictures are best for fashion and modeling photography

In our industry, photos must have a certain feel—if they are too realistic, they can be uncomfortable. The only perfect photoshoot is one of your favorite people in a shot. So here are some tips I have learned over the years to get the look that your clients want.

Your camera should be placed in the center of the shoot.

Always shoot wide shots.

Get the best lighting, no exceptions.

Choose your camera settings for each shot.

Always keep your camera in a cool shade of mood lighting without flash or a lot of warm light.

Always shoot your subject moving while they pose, so the lighting always matches.

Try to get a close-up portrait with your subject and use your lens to capture their expression.

Try to keep the camera at the subject’s feet with no other people around.

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Always pose your subject in a relaxed state.

You can also pose your subject in more than one location if it’s your first time getting that shot.

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What’s next for me?

When I’m not traveling or shooting for an established company, I’m also doing a private portrait studio in Los Angeles. For over 20 years I have been creating my own unique artistic expressions including photos, illustrations, and graphic designs. It’s where I really find peace of mind when I travel and I have a passion to share my creations with others. When you contact me about your next art project, please include:


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