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One of the most important functions I can have as a freelance photographer is editing my work.

Why would I use such a thing? I need to be able to see how my images look and be able to fix them up.

There are many editing software on the market for Macs to help you with that. Adobe Creative Suite is an important feature, but I don’t use it because I don’t need it.

All my editing is done in Lightroom.

The software is great not just because it lets me work fast and smoothly, but because when I’m editing I can watch the process from the beginning with my eyes rolled back and a smile on my face because I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Another nice feature of Lightroom is the fact that it allows you to make changes to your projects.

What’s the best workflow for digital imaging?

There are a few ways I handle my projects now.
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1. I export all the still images back to the computer or to my iPhone so I can edit them in Photoshop or other programs I’m using as I go along. It’s so fast!

2. I take the entire set of images and open them all in Photoshop before exporting to the computer or iPhone so I can work with them as the entire set is there rather than each of the images separately.

3. I take all the images and then I take a photo of it and export them to my computer. The editing can already be done in Lightroom and the rest can be done in Photoshop or other programs I’m using.

How can you take the best shots without losing time?

I use two things to keep time on my projects:

1. I always have a watch out for light sources because my photos might just pass out from natural light on a sunny day. I know that sounds crazy, but sometimes I’m a bit caught off guard when going about my business.

For example, I’m shooting a sunset and there’s a light flash behind me. If that light was a little more bright than the sun, the sunset would disappear.

2. I don’t like to turn my camera off when I’m editing, but rather when I’m in motion. I’ll turn it off or wait out a few seconds when a bright scene comes up in the background.

Where do you see photographer moving to in five years?

I see a lot more and more

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