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When it comes to health, I do not believe in following one “care package.” As a result, I know which “cures” work and which doesn’t. If you’re wondering whether or not you’ve been harmed by the “cures,” then this article will help you identify them. And if you are not aware of their provenance, now is a good time to seek out the truth.
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I don’t know anyone who won’t benefit from a “cure.” But I have seen that more and more doctors are “coaching” patients with this mindset. In my experience, that’s a very bad idea.

I have read a number of articles about the benefits of a “cure” and there are a number of different problems with them. One of the biggest problems with the “cures” discussed is that they all rely on the idea that one or more “cures” are “proven” (see below).

While it’s important to understand that these “cures” are not “proven” on their own (and, in fact, the people in charge of providing these “cures” are not “scientists”), I want to demonstrate how all these “cures” have been shown to be either ineffective or even harmful when they are applied to real conditions. I also want to make it clear that as a clinician, I know that “cures” are not beneficial and are used by doctors and other health care professionals instead of patients. That’s my conclusion to offer to people who are seeking out “cures.”

This article is the most comprehensive article I’ve ever written on the use of “c