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Image manipulation started in 1986, with the publication of an article in the Journal of the Optical Society of America by Andrew Newbold and Jim Davis in a thesis titled “A Field Guide to the Color of Realistic Light” (published in 1987).

Why did you choose the word real?

Real’s been around for a long time; the word real is older than photography by several centuries. If an image is done to look realistic it was probably done to be real. The word was chosen to represent something which was thought to be more than a coincidence.

Did you make the decision to use an image, or just the picture, as your subject?

The concept and image were chosen at random. As much as possible, my intention is to represent as true, as possible, what the photographer intended for the image’s content. My approach is to make the most accurate rendition possible, while considering the subject matter and context, and making as much sense. With a great deal of luck, as well, I may be able to find some interesting things in the photographic archive which will help me answer some of the questions I’m asked.

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What is your greatest challenge photographing real animals and characters, and why?

My greatest challenge is the fact that I have no training in anatomy or biomechanics. I have to rely on my own knowledge of anatomy, as well as the research and experiences I’ve gathered over the years doing animal research for my PhD, graduate school, and various other activities. I try to capture an individual animal in context in as accurate and natural a way as possible, using my experience and the knowledge I have acquired working on animal research and being a professor at the University of Arizona.

What would you say is your favorite picture of someone besides himself or herself?

I would have to say the most memorable, most beautiful, and most beautiful of all my photographs is a painting by Paul Cezanne. It’s called “A Journey in a Forest”, a composition by Cezanne of a forest in a misty, misty night and a person. I don’t know what the painting’s title means, but it is truly beautiful. To me, that image captures all of the power of life and death as a photographer. It’s beautiful from any angle you choose to take it, without bias. The last few examples that come to mind have to do with some of the more famous people I’ve met or photographed: Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe’s ex

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