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DETROIT — They were on the cusp of a breakthrough, not too many years ago.

Five years ago, Mark Messier was the Detroit Red Wings’ captain, a man who had a legendary career as a defenseman, one that saw him win two Stanley Cups. With a couple dozen games left, the Red Wings were in their first Stanley Cup Final for 21 years. The team also had the youngest captain in the postseason since 1969, when Detroit’s Gordie Howe, a 29-year-old native of Owen Sound, Ont., held the record with 35 games left.

On Wednesday, Messier played a key role in turning the Red Wings’ fortunes. In an overtime loss to the Nashville Predators, he scored the game-winning goal on a power play. In the next period, the team’s penalty kill was effective.

“His presence is unbelievable, really helping us out immensely,” said coach Mike Babcock,