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How does an artist influence society? How does music inspire?

The artist was invited to speak at the Art Foundation Conference in Los Angeles. A group of dancers had gathered for a screening of “The Life of Pablo” and after the screening, the talk was given by musician/producer/dancer-in-residence and dance teacher/producer, Mike Krasinski and filmmaker, Michael White. At the talk, the dancers shared anecdotes about how the artwork inspired them through their bodies. They learned how Pablo influenced them to connect with their bodies and create dance, and how it has influenced their performance and creative work.

Pantone color swatches

This is an interactive web site (with a very, very basic look and feel) showing the colors Pantone numbers based on colors on Pantone swatches. There is no way to click each pair of colors or go through each pattern, you have to sort them by the Pantone number and search by color.

If you’re looking for a color in a pattern only, click on it’s name then click the search button to see the pattern for it. If you see an error or if there are any problems, please contact me!

The database also includes links to the Pantone site for the following shades and monochromes:

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The Harper government has agreed to a Senate committee’s request to appoint a public servant to oversee the Senate’s expense claims and compliance regime.

In a letter obtained by The Canadian Press Friday, Senate Ethics Officer Guy Thibault — a member of the ethics committee — informed the committee that the federal government has confirmed it is “pleased to have received your request.”

Thibault is also asking the committee to appoint a public servant “to review and report on the Senate’s compliance to the Committee’s regulations, standards and policies governing all Senators, including the rules for their expenses and other matters.”

The proposed appointment would begin in March and report to the ethics committee by Jan. 3.

“It would provide a new and independent voice and authority to the ethics committee that the government intends to continue to use to safeguard the public interest,” Thibault wrote.

The prime minister’s spokesman, Jason MacDonald, did not immediately return a message seeking comment Friday on the committee’s request to appoint an outside officer.

The committee has no power to compel the prime minister’s appointee to comply with its rules and standards, it says in

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