Why is Dance important in our life? – Social Meaning In History Meaning Of The Italian

It teaches us to dance! It does it in an easy-to-learn manner so all of my friends that dance can learn from me! It makes me feel relaxed and energized and helps my mood! It is a simple, fun, family activity for all ages! My mother does all the work by myself but I help out by helping her set up the chairs and all the other equipment so that everyone can enjoy the show. I feel most at home when I have so many people watching me! I love to dance because I am comfortable, confident, and happy!

Dance in the park every day with me!

Dance makes sense right? Dancing is what gives me energy, makes me feel good and makes me happy. So why should Dance be a part of my life? My husband and I would never turn our little choreographer’s program into a dance school. He is so great at what he does, we love it. I just love the way it helps me focus more on the rest of my life. We are also so busy working that Dance just never gets the opportunity to catch my attention. In fact, he was working in a daycare and didn’t have time to attend the dance class during that time. He asked me if I was going, and I said yes. Now Dance is a part of our lives and has always been. We love it! This week is the fifth dance class the children have organized, I am so proud of them. They all want to be dancers and want to follow in the steps of my father.

“Just put it in a package and give it to me.” –Jenny,

My children have taken this program very seriously and I do not believe in over-educating them. They have a very demanding schedule of events every week, and I have to make it difficult on them. And with that, my children learn that it’s OK to be excited about things; just put it in a package and give it to me!” –Sarah,

“Just put it in a box and give it to me.” –Jenny,Jenny and I are always on the move and I want to find the easiest way to entertain everyone. We are doing most of our cooking and cleaning at home and just do my cleaning too. For our baby shower we wanted to have the best and most creative party we could possibly have and the Dance Party is where that was achieved! Now we have the most exciting time of our lives. Everything is great

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