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Or is the physical act that makes us feel part of a group an expression of our sociality? Does dancing allow you to feel free, or are you afraid of becoming a groupie?

“The answer to both questions is not quite what is often said,” says B. L. Zimdars, a doctoral student in the UCLA School of Communication. She is currently studying the effect of cultural and sexual identity on dance performance as a graduate student in the Department of Communication. “It seems that the dance community is very welcoming to people who do not fit into traditional gender roles and is quite restrictive when it comes to people who do.”

The traditional gender role that most dance students learn at school or in their home culture often seems to be the traditional, straight, white, cisgender gender. In the film “A Cinderella Story”, the main character is a man who is gay, yet he can not dance, so is forced to dance the dance steps with a friend. “This makes me extremely angry,” says Zimdars. “I feel like the dance community actively discriminates against those of us who do not fit that stereotype.”

In fact, the documentary “A Cinderella Story” reveals that the only person with the power to change this image is a woman. Her dance is powerful, but the film shows that there are problems with the way she is forced to practice the steps.

“Dance is a very intense, physical and emotional activity,” she says. “I believe that the cultural beliefs that many of us have, especially in the dance community, help keep us at a safe distance from how we should actually be dancing. In this regard, I have felt quite comfortable in my own body dancing because my experience in ballet helps me to be fully aware of all the things I have to do to be comfortable.”

Despite the challenges involved, I’m sure ballet will always attract people like me. “When I tell people I’m a dancer, one of the first questions they ask me is, ‘Are you an artist?’, because the people who are really interested in their dance understand what it is that I do,” says Zimds. “They are not just people who like to listen to a story or look at art; they are professionals who are looking to be able to do something and make art and be successful and have something to show to someone.”

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