Is hip hop a social dance? – York Social Dance Studio York Pa Hospital

It really is a social dance. People of all races, all creeds, all religions, and all income levels can come together for a party, just like we all can. You need to have something for everyone in the room and make sure it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Hispanic, Asian, young, old, or whatever. The whole point of the party is to build an atmosphere of harmony which will hopefully encourage others to join you in this dance.

How did you first get into hip hop?

I think I first got into the music in high school when my brother introduced me to hip hop and was really into it. We were about five brothers and I fell in love with his records. His CDs were amazing and his live performances were killer. I started to get hooked straight away, and I thought it was perfect for my career. I’m from the East Coast, so all my friends were into rap. And I didn’t have a choice in that; there were no good records for me then! It was all about getting my own way when I first got into hip hop.

Do you have any favourite hip hop videos?

I really don’t, but I’ve seen that video called “In Da Club” in my car every chance I get. The song is just incredible.

Who are your favourite writers?

I love A Tribe Called Quest. They are one of the most important rappers of their time. I’m a big fan of OutKast and Biggie Smalls, just to name a couple.

Who are your favourite musicians?

Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West. I love that whole gangsta mentality. My friends and I have a song called “Sell Out” that just does hip hop in a way I wouldn’t normally expect.

What do you have planned in the summer?

I’m going to be going to the Caribbean for 10 days. That’s a long weekend. I’m going back to school in the fall. I really want to focus on my acting career now, too.

Do you think you’ll ever return to the music scene?

It is crazy to hear that my favorite song is almost 30 years old, but I will. I have my heart set on it. But I might actually do music full time and try to be a DJ. It will be like a dream come true.

Where did you get the idea to start your

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