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They are divided into four major patterns and four minor types.

1 – A simple movement, which has just a single step – like an arrow, or a butterfly

The most popular of the dances is called the kuzu. It is called the kuzu because it has just one step (the kuzu).

2 – A complex movement, which has two or more steps – like a dance floor, or a stairway

If you are having difficulty moving your hips, this step is the most effective. It has a number of different steps. If you’re stuck on one step, you can turn your arms in and lift them off the ground. This will take the place of the hip movement.

3 – A complex movement with more or less multiple steps – a dance hall, a dance floor, or a stairway

This one is much more difficult for beginners. If you’ve never done any dance hall routine, this step is like the last step before your main turn. After that, the motion is very similar to the main turn.

4 – An intricate movement with more or less steps – a dance hall, a dance floor, or a stairs

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If you’re getting tired of the kuzu step, this is the beginning of the most difficult phase of the dance. It’s similar in that it is three times as long and it is made up of three different steps.

What are the key elements for learning dance? There is some emphasis on proper posture, proper breathing, proper posture through a proper body motion.

In kuzu, the two main elements are holding your pose perfectly – so the hips, the neck and the torso stay in sync with each other. Then, when your back’s against the mat, you have to do a lot of holding your body up.

The key here is to understand your form so that it will be a pleasure to dance with.

How do I move to other movements?

There are many styles among the different schools of kuzu.

In many cases, the basic elements remain true. However, there are also variations in terms of the body position and the direction of the dancing.

Each style has it’s own way of doing the same basic steps – and even within those simple sequences which have been known for many years, there are many variations.

There are many variations even of variations of the same basic movement. It might be done in

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