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This question is important, because each type has its own way of getting to know and integrating the other two.

The first type is dance based on the movements of the body and its movements are not fixed. They can be adapted according to circumstances. These are often called basic movements. They are made up of many steps, usually without much of an order.

The second type is dance based on the body, often called acrobatic movements. These are the most dynamic movements and the most difficult to adapt.

The third type is dance based on the mind and emotions, often called mental dancing. They are the most difficult to adapt.

How the 4 types of social dance relate to each other is complex and not fully understood. We can say that they are a hybrid between the two previous types.

When are social dances performed?

In the evening with your friend? At home? On a dance floor? In some public places?
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Social dances are almost completely performed outside of the home. The most popular social dance places are dance clubs or social gatherings where you can dance to a live music.

How often do social dances happen outside of the home?

Most dance club, nightclubs, clubs and bars don’t serve many alcohol or drugs. The best time to go to a dance is after the sun goes down and when the sun is very high.

What is the dance floor at the club?

The dance floor is the room with a low ceiling. The floor is designed to allow you to dance. Usually it is made of hardwood and is usually painted bright colors. The dancing areas are often heated and a stage is placed over the dance floor.

What are the people doing on the dance floor? What is one of the most important aspects of social dancing?

There is usually one individual, who performs on the dance floor at all social dances. It is usually the same person who dances at the dance club, club and club bar.

The best way to get to know one of the dancers during a social dance is if you can sit next and talk with them when the dance is happening.

What is the most important aspect of social dancing?

The most important aspect of social dancing is always the dance itself. The dance is the way you experience and express emotions that are common to all different kinds of social dancing. The dancing requires concentration, patience and patience often means it is very difficult to dance to something simple

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