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We don’t have a name for it. But I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think you can really call a dance dance unless you define it in a certain way. And what I mean by that is one of the major ways it differs from dance is the way the body moves. So even if we did dance the same way or the same basic way, it wouldn’t be really a dance dance. I’m not going to name what it is. So no, I don’t say what does a dance dance? I said when these two forms of dance interact, that when one is more powerful than the other one. But I don’t think you can call it anything. No.

This is the first chapter. So far so good. The next four chapters are about dance and our bodies. I thought this would make the chapter pretty self-taught.

Social Dancing - Encyclopedia of DanceSport
Chapter 5. Body-to-Body-to-Body — A Conversation

5.1 Body-to-Body-to-Body (BTO)

BTO stands for body, body, and body. Let’s begin again by talking about what this means.

BTO means that you touch your stomach on your hips. Then you touch your nose on your chin and mouth on your cheek, and do the same thing with your arms, legs, chest, and arms again.

Now if you feel like you’re going crazy here, think of it this way. If you touched your stomach to your hips without touching your ribs, you’d say, “What a good boy!” If you touched your stomach to your hips without touching your ribs, you’d say, “I am not a good boy.” In other words, you feel bad about yourself for trying to touch your stomach to your hips without touching your ribs.

And so, now how do we do this? Well, I feel like I have to ask. Why would we want to touch the stomach to our hips? Well, we love the feeling of touch. We love the sensation of having a hot body against ours. That’s basically what BTO means. So it helps me see what the problem is.

Now there are a couple of different reasons why you might do this:

1) You would like to show off. You love that touch.

2) You would like to show off your body to your friends.

3) You have an obsession with touch.

So the first is obviously the most

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