What are the three choreographic elements of dance?

There are the two basic elements: the two-step and the three-step. The first three-step is the movement of the feet. It’s about the whole body moving, which is about a total body awareness and the entire body being in the moment of the two steps, in a sense of being connected together, of being fully there and fully present. The other two steps are the movements of the hips and the feet. In short the two-step is about an awareness to the body. And for us, it’s about the body being in the moment, which is really the whole body being present. It’s about not just one movement in the whole body, but also two and three. It’s about the body being aware of itself and being aware of the space around it as well.

What are the three elements of the three-step dance?

In a three-step dance, a three-step is always there to remind us that we’re going to be in the dance for the whole duration of the movement. The other two steps are always in the moment, and they’re always connected together, in a subtle sense, in this three-step sense. But there is a fourth step that we call the “pivot” step because it is about the body moving back to center or to the starting point, at which point the body begins to rotate. That is the pivot. There’s a third element that’s very deep inside the dance: it’s the fifth element, which is also very deep in the dance. And when asked about the fifth element: it’s the point during the movement and it’s a subtle one, but it’s the point in the movement that people are focusing on very much now, because it’s the most interesting, in terms of how the body is moved, and for this reason the fifth element is often used during the final step of dance.

When and how was “dance” first defined?

That’s a question that’s not very easy to answer. There are a lot of definitions of dance. We all have a good idea how to do some of them. We see all of the great dancers, whether you’re a choreographer or not, and they are all talking about how to be good at doing the movements, how to find the rhythm and what’s that dance’s core. And so there’s a common understanding from all of us: the essence of dance, the essence of the art, is dancing. I think that’s