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The first is the social dance with partners, the second is the dance with no partners. The question is, which kind is correct? To answer this question one must examine the history of dance as a whole and that of each dance region. In the first place, it is essential to analyze the origins of each particular dance region, and in particular the origins of particular dances and music. The first of these is a question of genealogy, particularly the history of dance in Greece and the rest of Europe.
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The roots of dance in Greece go far back. Ancient Greeks are often credited with their invention of the art of dancing, as well as their knowledge of gymnastics, the history of the ancient Greek dance is full of historical facts and details, as it turns out. However, that all is not quite as it may seem. This may not only apply to the ancient Greek dance, but also for all that happened to be learned in Greece after the death of Alexander the Great. While the Greeks did not create the music or architecture for dance, they did build some dancing buildings as well as the dance hall that the Greek poet Hesiod had written about. Also, the Greeks did not invent the classical music, they copied what they learned from their teachers and from the Greek dance music of ancient Greece.

The first and most important dance of the Greeks, the dance of Greek antiquity, was the polis, the first of many dances that developed in Greece. The first polis came about after the death of Alexander the Great, in 428 BC (he was in his early 20’s and the polis was still very new at that stage and was called a pomere or a stage). Alexander lived under the rule of the Macedonian kings (who were in their early 20s at the time) and this resulted in the Greek king’s people learning from others and from ancient Greek teachers. This is how it all began. According to some accounts, Alexander the Great also invented the polo (a type of athletic sport) which took a similar form to the dance of the Greek polis.

Although dancing was not the most important thing in Alexander’s life, he did have some other things to do besides dance. He was also the king of Thrace. The most important thing he did during his rule may not have been dancing, rather it was a new system of taxation that was applied to land and the slaves that were subject to it. When asked how was the land system in action, the story goes the king said,

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