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There is a lot of talk that social dance is dance with others, like an open-bar dance or a pool party style. But how do you get one of those and turn the other down!?

I really don’t know the answer to that question. It depends on the music you’re doing it to. If you don’t have that type of music in your repertoire, then that might be a really good way to get social dancing. That’s probably your best bet. Also, if you’re playing to a small crowd or a room full of musicians, which is probably why you’re doing this, I tend to like smaller venues, because I don’t really feel comfortable in big venues. The other thing that helps is if the other person on the dance floor feels comfortable with you. That doesn’t happen that often in a bigger venue, but it’s definitely a good thing.

Do you recommend social dance for those who might want to go into dance school? What about if you just want to party? What about someone looking for something different to explore?

I absolutely do recommend social dance for social dance students! I’m not a big fan of classes; I’d rather work on technique and have fun. My advice is, do it, and try something out for yourself. You’ll likely end up feeling really comfortable and satisfied with it. The goal isn’t to move to another city and get your hands on lessons or a studio.

But yeah, definitely recommend social dancing as a means of making your way into the performing realm. It really helps to get out there, feel comfortable with your body and the direction your body is heading in, and see what you think. There are so many great dance teachers out there. I had an incredible coach the first time I went dancing, and when I tried to learn from someone else a few months later that I had no idea was my coach, I realized it! This is the same thing with dancing. If you find a dance that you are really comfortable with and find something else to pursue that’s a more meaningful and more fulfilling way to pursue your goals, I think it’ll be awesome.

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