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There are three main types to watch out for.

Waltz. Waltz involves two people holding down the center of a circle. This is a common style from the world of music and dance called the classical style. It will usually be played by a group of three to five dancers.

Jazz. These dancers move with a wide variety of sounds and rhythms. Jazz dancers often incorporate more jazz music into their dances as a way to spice up and make it more unique.

Swing. Similar to jazz, the purpose of many swing dancers is to play with a rhythm using multiple forms of music and a variety of movement. Swing dancers usually move with one or more partner and usually use a different form of music to add to their dancing.

The first two types of dance are the most common.


Waltz is a style of dance in which two people hold down a circle. In Waltz, the person in the center holds the center of the circle with a hip movement while others move to or from the center. This is a common style from musicians like Louis Armstrong.


Jazz dancers use the wind or the wind movement to move through different music. While this is a style of dance, it’s unique to jazz dancers who don’t dance a traditional style of dance.


Swing dancers are known for having the most variety of movement. Most of swinging’s variations are called variation dances and many swing dances have a special variation called a swing-a-rama which can be danced in front of the house or audience.

Jazz and swing are two of the most diverse and popular types of dance.

What are the types of music that I can dance to?

You might wonder how you can dance to two different songs and find that the music you like has a different beat with each song. This is because different music has a different feel and beat.

While you can choose to dance to the same music over and over (which is often called a swing dance) or to a different musical genre (like jazz or ballet), there is a song that is the favorite for this genre of dance.

The song is referred to as the “party song”. This is in reference to how different music can make the party go from great to great.

What is a swing dance?

While a dance isn’t always an “event”, swing dances generally have a

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