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Why should I care? I am happy just not being a dancer.

I am happy that I know a dance. I am happy with my body because dancing allows me to feel my best.

Why should I care about the dance? They’ve got to have my money!

Why should the dancers care? It’s a performance art, isn’t it?

Why should I care? Because it gives me a break from the hard work of learning how to be a well-rounded person every day?

Why should I care? To feel the joy of making a mistake without losing my joy?

Why should I care? Because it keeps my eyes and ears open?

Why should I care? I do the exercises for my own personal satisfaction; the more they teach me, The Better And Smarter I Get.

Why should I care? Because it’s the only way I can know that the dance has value for me?

Why should I care? I want to learn more about dance, or at least I want to be able to understand what it means to be an integral part of my dance community.

Why should I care? I never got a chance to experience dancing because my life went in so many directions. I’ve been able to be myself through dance but for so long, I didn’t know the joys of taking steps. I’ve always felt like a lost, confused kid.

I don’t care about the dance. I care only about the people I’m dancing with and how they help me be the person who I need to be to lead a life that I love.

I can’t believe I spent so much time looking for answers and so many reasons to keep dancing. I hope my journey taught me that dancing is a way to be happy without caring about the dance itself.

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