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ChaCha is a common, widely used, and extremely stable cryptographic algorithm that is designed to be widely applicable. ChaCha is not cryptographically strong; however, and the only known weak keys used to secure user messages are the ones generated by the ChaCha algorithm itself. To use ChaCha effectively, secure, and portable software is recommended. ChaCha encryption is often referred to as “The Holy Grail”.

“Certified Secure Message”
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The message must be marked as Certified Secure Message by a certified cryptographer that has completed the cryptographic signature check before transmission. This is so that a valid signature can be presented to a recipient’s browser upon transmission as well as the delivery of an encrypted message to an intended recipient.

ChaCha certificates are subject to the Trust Policy in the Mozilla Public License (MPL):

What is “ChaCha20?

ChaCha20 is an elliptic curves cryptography implementation that uses a variant of ChaCha that adds a random number generator, a number of rounds, and a number of iterations to the original ChaCha. For the full details, read the ChaCha20 FAQ.

ChaCha20 is not widely used. It is the only widely used elliptic curves cryptography implementation that has never been released by any major cryptographic agency. The reason for this is that it relies on a non-random number generator, so most large encryption algorithms can only be calculated using ChaCha20.

Which ChaCha20 implementations are supported?

There are at least three implementations of ChaCha20 that may be used on your system:

ChaCha20-ES-SP2: ChaCha20-ES-SP3: ChaCha20-ES :


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