What does Chacha mean?

To me, all it means is a good-quality friend or family member. You know someone from high school or college, or someone you’ve seen around your neighborhood on the weekends…someone who you can go out with even if she’s not your first girl, or who is just the kind of girl you could make out with. A lot of girls like the phrase. I remember an older friend I once had who said it’s “you get on like a duck and swan.” So, that’s exactly what it means. I always thought it was cute and she would say it like “yay!” But, really, who doesn’t want an innocent duck (if you get it wrong) or a duck who gives you hints of what to do with his tongue? I guess this could be a good way to describe someone that we get along with a little bit but we don’t always get along with them; someone who keeps to themselves. We’re not friends with each other just because of something we say because that doesn’t make us friends with anyone. They might ask what’s up, you just won’t respond or may try to pass it off as some kind of flirting to the girl you just had a small crush on, and then you get a weird feeling about it. If you don’t get along with someone, don’t be mean to them (even if you like them) but if you do, please don’t yell at them or tell them that you don’t like them because you think you did nothing wrong. Because it won’t get you anywhere and it can get a girl into a bad situation. Instead, it can make things even worse, because she probably doesn’t want to be a friend anymore and she probably isn’t interested. If you’re at this age, it’s not so much about what she says as it is how you act. You might think they’re all just little snobs, but then you realize how much they actually do like you…and it’s not a flirting thing, it’s a friendship thing. Do you want to be friends because something you say will make every guy in your school say it to you like “yaa!” or are you only interested in them for their person?

What’s your favorite kind of chacha? Chacha is pretty much the same for anyone. Maybe it’s an everyday item or maybe a cute accessory or maybe a scarf that you wear to school that always makes your school look more trendy than all the other kids…but you know…