What is dance performance? – Origin And History Of Social Dance Ballroom Lessons

It is the performance of music, music and other sounds using an instrument such as a drums, keys, a cymbal, a fife, horns, trumpets, and other instruments. It is the art of music making and the art of making music.

We dance dance. The dance world is divided into several categories:

The dance community: This is the wide-reaching public that is involved in the dance world. It includes all those who dance, all those who love and care about dancing, and all those who play music in a dance setting.

The dance world music scene: This is the wider and more technical music community, comprised of artists like musicians, singers, dancers, composers, record producers and others.
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The music industry: This is the larger cultural industry such as publishing, publishing for dance, and entertainment.

The dance world media: This is the media of dance world, including magazines; Web sites; books, DVDs and audio CD recordings. It provides information on the dance world; its artists, its equipment, and the performances they make.

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