What was ballet originally used for? – Different Forms Of Social Dances And Dance

The answer to this one is so complicated that I don’t know. Most likely, the word ‘dance’ meant something different in ancient Egypt and in Europe, but it seems to have been synonymous with ‘dramatic’ entertainment in the Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Mediterranean and Russian cultures: and even, by some stories, ‘dance’ could refer merely to ‘the moving of the limbs’ (see here and here for a great example – if you can believe it). What you see above is something that my friend is still trying to solve!

This video is from Ancient Egypt, which was produced by the British Museum in the 1960’s. You’ll notice that both the Egyptian and the Russian dances are very similar. That is because the first known ballet was produced in Egypt, and the first known Russian dancer’s name was Vladimir Pavlovich Fedorc.

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The U.S. has a lot of nuclear weapons, but the majority have never deployed them or are being decommissioned.

The United States has a lot of nuclear weapons, but the majority have never deployed them or are being decommissioned. The majority of nuclear warheads, in fact,

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