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I would’ve probably chosen Kanye West for my choice, but it’s tough to pick anyone in the genre.

What do you like about Kanye?

He does a lot of things that I like, like when he said “I feel like a child, you look at me like I’m 8 years old.” That line to me was the most poignant thing I’ve ever heard. It gave me goosebumps. I don’t understand Kanye or anything. He just is a genius. He just does amazing things. He’s so good.

What does he do better?

He makes me feel like I’ve been there before. It’s very uplifting. When I was younger I really liked that kind of thing. I always had my ear to the ground and just listened to hip hop. I’ve always considered Kanye a friend.

What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to Kanye West. He’s one of the few artists that’s going to touch us as artists and me as human beings. The new stuff that’s on thereā€¦ It’s so amazing.

What’s the vibe inside your studio?

Our space is like a big warehouse where everything happens. The lights are like fluorescent fixtures. It’s very dark. We just do our thing, we get good vibes and I make the beats while he does his thing. I do some writing and writing is our main thing. The way he’s rapping is very unique. I didn’t want him to sound like an emcee, which I am. I wanted him to sound like an artist.

I know you’re not a huge fan of the “bros” type of song, but this one sounds too happy. Is that why you don’t do it?

I don’t like the way it sounds. I don’t like the “singer and model” type of song. The way he raps is too happy. I don’t like him rapping. It’s too happy. He’s so happy, it’s like a celebration of him being who he is. He wants to be like that, he feels he’s different.

There’s a lot of songs you don’t like and you feel are going too far because he’s the “cool guy” and you don’t like the “bros.”

That’s what I’m seeing right now. I just don’t like what he’s doing. I think he’s going in the wrong

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