Where did social dance originated? – Social Dance Curriculum

The answer lies in the ancient Egypt, Persia, India and China. They started dancing on the streets and streetscapes during their daily routines of eating, drinking drinking and sleeping. These dances and dances were considered to protect people from the evils of the world. The main element of those dances was the use of the whip, the head and the trunk. During the Middle Ages, there was an explosion of the use of the whip in all sorts of European and world events. The whip was also used as a weapon during martial and war practices. During the 19th century with the end of slavery, the whip became a weapon used by African Americans to help them fight. But the most important element that contributed to the spread of the dancing and its usage to the modern world and in the countries like Australia and Spain was the French Revolution and the American Civil War.

This revolution brought up various questions that are the center of today’s world. The first question was of course how man evolved into a being that knows how to control himself by force. Then the question was how did the slave and the abolitionist, have a similar thing in common and had they been in the same location. At last the question was about how did the world become the way it was after the end of the Civil War – the world had the same people in it so it naturally became that way. This is another very interesting aspect and one that is also not easily explained with a few simple questions.

The other major question that arose from the 18th century was at what point did the concept of freedom become important? It had been a common practice that at the end of the year of 1775 the king gave the citizens of the United Kingdom the right to vote by the year of 1815. The people who had been enslaved at the time of the Revolution took steps towards freeing themselves and this also became important. After the Civil War, the question of slavery being abolished was considered to be the same as the abolition of slavery itself with the only difference being that slavery had not been abolished at all. The second question was how was it possible that slaves and those who were freed, could find their way and become normal people? What were the reasons for this?

The American Civil War was also an event that was extremely important in Europe. The war had an extremely intense impact on the world. It changed our continent and world forever – a revolution of such magnitude that it changed the history of the entire world. What happened during the American Civil War, is known to most

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