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(A) I’ve met many people in the dance scene who would say it is a “new” dance, but I don’t exactly agree with them.

The dance evolved from the movements of American ballet; dancers like the “Jasmine Revolution” dancers in Germany and the “Tartist” dances at the French Carnival, to more traditional dances. The history of dance can be traced to the French Revolution where a movement of dancers, called “cirque”, gave way to a dance known as “lobème”, where two dancers would move back and forth on a stage. This movement became known by French artists like Jean Cocteau, Louis de Bougainville, Edith Piaf, and Jean Cocteau. The British dancer, Peter Simon was the first to popularise the dance, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century when the first big productions were performed in Europe.

Who developed the move called “double-end drop?”.

I’d probably have to say: the famous “Jasmine Revolution”. It was the last of the old dances to be revived and developed by French dancers.

The popularity of this “carnival” movement led to the “Jasmine Revolution” to be developed in the 18th Century in France. It was a dance where two women sat on each other and danced, sometimes as a ball-dance, some like the “tartist”, other times a “dance” using only the arms and feet, but all women on a stage to a musical chorus. It’s known by the French as “froid”.

Who developed the movement called “hanging leg”?
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This is the most popular dance today, and it was developed in France during the 18th Century. When the French Revolution came about, they took up the old French tradition and “turned them into music”, and started “cirque” with a large number of dances, “Lobème” with all the traditional dances (which are still performed still today). Some women and men used to sit and dance like lassos at the top of a tree or dance around in a circle of women, all to a musical chorus. They called this movement “hanging leg”.

Are all the dances considered old?

No, there are many dances that have evolved since these early celebrations. In the first few dances for example, you would have a dance which was called “bamboozle

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