Which dance is most popular? – Glen Echo Social Dance Schedule New York

It is really quite silly and it depends quite a lot on the particular group, the dance that is performed, the person who performs that dance, and the people who participate in that dance to make that determination. One of my favorite dancing moves is the foot drop (or heel) step and the foot drop is just a very common and a really well-known dance. It’s not really new, it’s been in the same rhythm since the early 2000’s, it’s known as the foot drop. I don’t believe it is a new style.

Which dance has the most interesting dancers?

It’s no different from anyone else; every dance has its different personalities. Every dancer will have a different style of dance, different colors, and different looks. Some dancers may be very attractive, you could go all day with someone like that and it would be very special.

My favorite dancer is probably a Brazilian that was a big star. He did many different dances and he was such a big star that he was always on television and did a lot of commercials. I always wanted to be like him because he was so cool. And I can’t even do Brazilian. But I would not put that one below dancing.

What kinds of dances do you do?

It depends a lot on the group. Some groups like to dance more traditional dances, some dances like to dance more contemporary dance groups. It depends on the group.

Is there anywhere you have never danced?

I never danced anywhere, ever. I will dance in a bar in Miami once this year for sure but nothing has gone my way so far. I really don’t have any other interests. That is about it.

How about dancing with other girls who dance the same way as you do? How do you see yourself in a dance with them?

Oh my God, no. I would not be happy with that at all.

What is a common problem that sometimes occurs when new dancers try to dance the same style?
Peckville Studio Staff | Carmel Ardito School of Dance

I think it’s the most common problem; first of all they have never done a dance like that before because it’s quite different from their own style. You don’t know about what you are going to do with them and the style and the rhythm is totally different and it takes a while for them to get used to that so at first the routine is a challenge. You need to get them moving again; that’s the number one thing when they first learn to

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