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In an effort to get to the bottom of what happened to this young woman’s disappearance, I talked with a group of people close to the case. We will be revealing each of them as a member of the family once we finish the interview portion of this story.

My first interviewee was her brother, Anthony. He’s a member of a local rap group called the Jiggaboos. He was also in the group that attended to his sister on the evening of January 6.

Anthony is a tall twenty-six year old man with red hair. He has a tattoo on his neck that reads “VIP” and a number above it. The number “7” stands for Anthony’s number of girlfriends.

My second interviewee is her sister-in-law, Michelle. She is the woman who was with Anthony during all of this. She lives in New York city with her husband and their two children. Her mother-in-law is also an extremely devoted and concerned mother. The family was just looking after one of their own when the family’s apartment was searched.

Michelle and her family are on good terms, and she was actually the first person Anthony invited to his friends’ apartment to have a drink. Later on, Anthony told Michelle that “he was in love.” When I asked him about it, Anthony said he was just joking.

One of the last people I spoke with was Anthony’s friend Justin. Justin’s mother, Marge, told me that her son is in touch with most of the other members of the Jiggaboos, and they’ve had a lot of conversations about what happened to his sister-in-law. Justin’s girlfriend took his phone because it had been unlocked. She had no idea it was Anthony’s sister-in-law until it got turned over.

Finally, I spoke to his stepfather and spoke with him once more about the mysterious disappearance of Jessica.


From left to right: (Anthony’s mother, Michelle, Justin and Anthony and Marge)

Anthony’s parents are both in their early thirties and live in the same neighborhood in Long Island City, Queens. They were recently married at an Islamic church in Queens.

Anthony is a typical middle-class, white kid of the generation that grew up on hip hop. The family’s most recent addition to the gang was Anthony’s cousin, Jason, who grew up around him and works as a janitor.

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