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It was a sign of a great friendship and the beginning of a friendship that blossomed into a relationship that is ongoing to this day.

During the first week, Paul played the trumpet. When he left, I had always wondered what he was playing, what he was thinking. It was so special and inspiring to me that he was such a gifted person and student and student of the universe. He could read the minds of the many and the many things he was looking at. He can be very good for the heart as well. It’s something to be looked upon in silence because he doesn’t say all of his thoughts.

So much of your work consists of listening. Why do all of your audiences relate to your music differently?

It’s interesting because when you’re playing to an audience, people usually have already heard it. The music is already there. That’s a reason people know what it’s about and what’s happening. But, that doesn’t mean for a moment they can’t see you are singing into their mind and being there to them. I don’t think they can see or identify themselves.

How do you know when your audience responds differently to a particular song?
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It’s based upon three criteria:

Who is it? How will they receive it? When?

Who is it?

You can be playing a classical piece, you can be playing a pop, jazz, R&B composition. When do you know who’s going to enjoy what you’re doing? I’m not saying don’t do that anymore. I can understand your frustration if someone has not enjoyed your piece, it might be a great piece. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to sing the piece. But, you’re probably not going to be able to enjoy it by yourself. Or when you’re at a live concert, you have to be there for somebody else. It’s a more important thing and a very different experience.

How will they receive it?

It doesn’t necessarily come off as a question. What is so beautiful about the melody, the singing, and the harmony is the way to convey what’s going to happen, and the way to communicate that to the audience or listeners because they can’t experience that in their own homes. That’s important.


When you can’t relate to the idea. It’s really quite a different approach. The first time it’s not my thought, the first time it’s not

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