Why is the waltz important?

As one blogger pointed out, “the dance is important because dancing makes you vulnerable. And while the first part is usually about being vulnerable, it can also be about vulnerability in a relationship and being vulnerable with a partner.”

The last step in many waltzes: The second move.

2. Cute.

The waltz is also famous for its cute movements, like the one shown below:

3. Fun.

In contrast, other dances like “Jive” are known to be more sexual, and can be confusing for those who have not had enough of this sassy dance.
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4. A great way to express love.

The dancing is often done while holding hands, which is a wonderful way to show your love.

5. Relaxing.

Also known as a “nose hug,” waltzes help people find peace of mind when they are having a hard day. This isn’t to say that everything should be a breeze, because some activities should be fun and comfortable for people of all ages.

6. Fun for kids.

Parents shouldn’t need to be told to teach their kids how to dance – there are plenty of other ways to help kids experience something new, and many kids enjoy watching others on their knees, just like they do on the dance floor.

7. For a good laugh.

It is an ancient movement that is a good way to laugh at yourself and your life, because as one blog explained, “it’s a great way for you to reflect on how much you love your mom.”

8. For a change of pace.

It is very difficult to dance with other people and not feel uncomfortable, so the waltz is a great way to break up the monotony of daily life.

If you are a child, you may also enjoy this fun video of five kids from South Africa doing the waltz for the camera.

9. For fun with family.

Some waltzes also include a dance number with family, and this video shows the happy family that was performing in Germany last year:

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