How can I become an intraday trader? – Swing Trading Options For Beginners Free Book

There are five general areas in which you can make money in the stock trading space:

* The Intraday Trading – a fast way to make money.

* The Long Term – the only way to make money if you are patient and keep your eye on the price.

* The Short Term – the only way to make money if you want to keep trading for a few days and not be tempted to sell.

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* The Short Term Strategy – the strategy to use if you want the quick quick money.

* The Short Term Strategy Only – where you trade for a few days in a row with a very low fee, making your earnings very small, but enough to be extremely profitable if you keep your eye on the price.

* The Long Term – If the day you have spent buying your shares at high price suddenly comes down so sharply that you would like to short them, then you can consider buying back from the high price for the very low price you were making.

* The Long Term Strategy Only – where you buy shares for a long time in a row with a high fee, but are just desperate to cash in or to avoid the sudden rise of the price you think you will be making the next day.

That is about it!

If you want to become a intraday trader for the long term just keep checking the price throughout the day. Just be aware that there are various price triggers that can be placed with the stock exchange, which can trigger a higher price. They are set either as prices rise or fall. You should always remember when prices have risen as the chances of you selling your shares are increasing, as prices have risen because you have bought shares at high prices. Conversely if you have bought at low prices it is unlikely you will sell your shares before time.

There are of course, other opportunities to make money such as on the buy side of the market. To find out what those opportunities are and what they are good for you just go to the stock exchange website and find out.

Remember that you will lose money buying and selling shares. If you want some advice on how to profit from the buy side of the trading and profit for less than you would if you were to trade for the long term, then there is the option to go to the online realtime stock market ( which is a great resource for learning about stock market techniques.

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