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While the most popular type is direct trading, it does not mean every kind of trader takes part in it. The most popular way for an individual to accumulate capital is through holding stock markets. This kind of trading can be a big hit, as many people try it, only to be crushed by the market.

“Even a trader with a modest trading volume can find themselves in a holding situation, and be forced to give up a big chunk of profit,” a London business manager tells Bloomberg.

Some investors are able to hold multiple stocks for longer periods of time and accumulate a larger amount of capital. This, as the manager says, increases the chance these individual traders will have a large enough position in the market.

And the more traders that take part in the market, the smaller the trading volume will get which allows them gain more control over the market.

How can you best do that?

If you trade via an exchange, you have two options when trading in different currencies: convert to another currency in exchange for your holdings, and convert back to your currency that you traded in.

For example, a trader can convert to the euro immediately, and can convert back to the US dollar in exchange for their bitcoin holdings.

How much do you want in bitcoin? You don’t have to be a bitcoin millionaire, and your bitcoin gains are likely to be small. It seems as though the key benefit investors get out of bitcoin is that its price is unpredictable. You don’t have to think too much about the value of your money either — your losses come from speculating or a sudden drop in value.

“If the price of bitcoin goes up by 20% overnight, investors can take out a loss of up to 80% from their bitcoin position. But if you trade at the same price for a few months, you should have a profitable position,” says the head of a London fund manager.

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