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Do I have to make them? This is where the idea of the swing low/swing high comes into play, and is where I feel that there’s the least amount of information to go on. That being said, I’m going to suggest the swing low/swing high rule in this article. The swing low/swing high rule states that as the hitter’s swing approach goes from the swing low (low-speed, and low-power) to swing high (high-speed, and high-power), his swing should become a lot better and his swing should be able to go over the strike zone more often. When the hitter swings, he should also make contact, and he should make enough contact that he can make a fair amount of contact that does not come within five feet of the plate before the pitches come on the plate. Now, is that a rule, or a suggestion? Well, I’d like it if it were the latter, because I’m a strong believer in the swing low/swing high rule. But that’s a discussion we’ll have after we delve into the details of the swing low/swing high rule.

In the swinging low/swing high model, we can look at a hitter, and see how he looks to the strike zone, his swing speeds, and his swing tendencies based on his batted-ball frequency and line-drive, liner-speed, and swing-height distribution. If a hitter uses these three characteristics to determine when and where he should swing, he will be able to improve over his current skills and become a better hitter that he is currently. It’s not a complicated concept. The following chart gives us the hitters swings (with and without line-drive), line-drive, liner-speed, and swing-height (in inches), so that we can look at how hitters who have the same three characteristics swing the same way:

With and Without Line-Drive (WtL) and Line-Drive with Line-Drive (WtL+WtL) Line-Drive with Line-Drive (WtL+WtL) 1st Year Player WtL WtL+WtL 2nd Year Player WtL WtL+WtL 3rd Year Player WtL WtL+WtL
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With a swing low/swing high ratio of 1:2, here’s how the hitters’ swings look compared to the hitters they will be facing in the big leagues over the next two years:

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