Can anyone get a tribal tattoo?

I’m really wondering how many I need to make it real. I can’t believe it… I wonder what you think of this… Can I get my own tribal tattoo? (shy, nervous) This one’s gonna make me cry… It’s gonna be big and it’ll be black… Is that OK? (laughs) Well I don’t want to get killed. (pause) Well here’s my request! (whisper into the phone) Here’s my request. I’d really like my tattoo… and a tattoo of you at the same time… So you can be… the tattoo. (pause) Okay I’ll do it. I just want to make sure. (pause) Good. (whisper again) I wanna know who’s gonna be in the tattoo… and get all the directions (pause) I’m really in the dark sometimes. (pause) Okay well you get the tattoo and I want to know where you get the directions… Oh my god my heart… are… are you gonna be in my tattoo? (pause) I don’t know… I think I do. And… and if not… well… I really can’t wait. (pause) I know you don’t wanna get the tattoo… the words inked on your body… but I wanna know! So… I’m gonna tattoo you the words you written in the back of my mind… and then we’ll go, and we can make your tattoo and I’ll show you the tattoos you did, and I’ll make sure it gets done well… and I’ll tell you things that you may have forgotten before… Oh my god! (whisper) I’ll have it in the back of my mind! Can we, can we? (pause) What? What do you mean… you know… it’s… Oh my God… I’m going to have this tattooed on me for… (pause) Ok. I know it’s a little weird. I think we should. But it’s not totally impossible. We can figure it out. We can get it done. Yeah, you tell me. Tell me where the tattoo is. Tell me what the directions read. I’ll give out the address and call it something else. (pause) Okay. I’ll be at a bar… at your place. I’ll pay you, you tell me where to go… And we’ll both get the tattoo and the directions and call it something else.
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*The phone rings*