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Literally, ‘flower of good-fortune’

Literally ‘flower of fortune’ Meaning “fortune in a flower” is one of the most common meanings under this name. There are many names for lotus flower, one of which is ‘lotus flower’ literally translated. Lotus is the flower that grows on the lotus plant and can be seen in many other places like gardens, in flower of nature and for many people it symbolised prosperity, good fortune, good health. The plant also had many other meanings that are not associated with lotus flower. So lotus flower is used as a lotus seed that can be placed in a garden to plant lots of other things. It is also called as the “lotus flower of good fortune”.

Other popular meanings of lotus flower include; ‘flower for good luck’, ‘the lotus flower that looks after you’ and ‘the lotus flower that gives good things’.

How to get lotus flower in India

Lotus flower (vijaya palasana) has many meanings in Indian culture and there are many different ways to get lotus flower in India including using it on yourself and others for good luck.

Lotus flower in India

When you see a lotus flower in India, you can enjoy good luck and it has many benefits to people. On the other hand a lotus flower also has some negative associations too where it can also symbolise ignorance, pollution or disease. But in a lotus flower, all the negatives cannot come up to harm you unless you take some action. For example, lotus flower can symbolise your lotus roots that can spread across the garden and help you achieve your goal.

How to apply lotus flower in India

Lotus flower is used in different ways and you can use some of them to increase good fortune.

To get lotus flower:

Step 1: Choose the right lotus flower to apply the lotus flower to. If you want to apply lotsus flower to your skin, you can also cut the lotus flower from other flowers or buy a flower pot. The lotus flower you should use is usually one that is smaller than the plant, so you should cut and cut and get it small enough that it can be pressed into the finger tips and also make sure it is the right color so that it is not burnt red.

Step 2: Place the lotus flower on your body. Do not use

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