Can anyone get a tribal tattoo?

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Hi all, I’m posting here because I recently got a tribal tattoo on my back. I’ve been doing it for about a week now and it’s not painful but I’m worried about the reaction, so I thought I’d ask my fellow rares and others here how they got their tribal tattoos. I’m also not an artist so there are some sketchy photos with this one I can use. I’m just curious as to who wants and is willing to get a tribal tattoo.

A young boy with a long, unruly beard has had the biggest response to his decision to live the lifestyle of his dreams as a vegan.

The 13-year-old is the first person on record to live and let go of animal products.

A video uploaded to YouTube in April is a stunning depiction of the teenager’s life as a vegan – a lifestyle he has been taking since he was about 15.

It shows the boy, who has never eaten eggs, using a variety of utensils – including a bucket, a frying pan and a frying pan – for the first time in the video filmed from the kitchen of his parents’ home in the northern Philippines.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011 film) - Wikipedia

The video was originally uploaded by a YouTube user named “Fruzito” – a reference to Fruzito’s pet, who is also referred to as “Fruzito B” – whose account has since been suspended by the social network.

When contacted by the ABC, Mr B said he was “very concerned” about the video, which he said appeared to be taken from an old video on a private YouTube channel.

He said it had been taken from a video titled How to Make Chickens Eat Soy.

He said “all the videos were made from the same place”.

“At no point were any of them edited in any way, it’s authentic and that’s how he (the YouTube user) found it,” he said.

The video shows the boy making tofu soup, making a batch of noodles and even putting a baguette in the oven after making it.

The boy says he wants to become a “vegan doctor”, adding: “I’ve found people who can actually help me.”

Fruzito said he had received calls from people, some who “wanted to donate things and send them out” while others