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That question was answered when this man from San Francisco named Eric Dornberg tweeted this photo of a tattooed Samoan man on a billboard with the caption: “This man is not only a Samoan, he is a pirate.”

[@Eric_Dornberg: @Dionysus_Djinni is not a name he is a pirate]

As Dornberg reported, he went to a store on the Pacific Highway and asked the man he met in the tattoo shop what the tattoo was for.

[@Eric_Dornberg: “I saw this man at the tattoo shop. He is Samoan and asked me what the tattoo was. I said, ‘It is the pirate, Dionysus Dionysus, one of the greatest gods.” Photo: Eric Dornberg]
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When the man replied, “You must be kidding me, Dionysus God,” Dornberg said he could not believe what he was hearing.

“The woman at the store told me, ‘That’s the guy who said ‘This is the guy who said Dionysus God.’ It was very nice and very real,” he said.

Dornberg said the tattoo came to him at the last second, and the man he had seen in the tattoo shop was not really the man on the billboard. The story he had been told was true – the tattoo artist had been working on the billboard all day, not to mention doing a great job on the design.

“And the real question I have is: Why would I ever get a tattoo of Dionysus Dionysus from a billboard, with a picture of the Buddha?” Dornberg asked.

What is your take on the Dornberg story? Would tattoos make for a better tattoo design? Discuss below…

The government has announced it will publish a list of firms that pay below the statutory rate over a six-year period starting next spring.

Treasury Minister Tim Groser says the scheme will help companies to compete for capital on the basis of cost-benefit analyses.

Treasury Minister Tim Groser Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

“We know that it is not possible for every Australian company to achieve the same profit on the basis of profit margins, so this will give industry the information they need to make business decisions on cost effectiveness,” he said.

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