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I think I am an idiot.

I do love when someone posts a Samoan tattoo and says that if you get your tattoo you are going to be a big Samoan.

The next person to get a Samoan tattoo.

Okay, who’s next???

The first thing on your tattoo would be your name. What would be your name?

(This question can be answered any number of ways and everyone has their own list of ways to describe their name.)

Here are some Samoan way to describe my name (I’m not very good at naming things. I think it should be “Lonnie”)

Samoa. I always call him “The Samoan”

How did you meet?

I met Samoan on a podcast. He had a song I didn’t even know, but it just so happened that at the time I wasn’t a huge fan of Samoan music so I was surprised when he asked me to do the intro as the song played and I came up with the theme for the show.

Did you have any idea you’d be doing this show?

Well, yes, you know, you never know. I’m not a very good writer. This was my big break.

What are you gonna do with your big break?

Well this show isn’t gonna be a TV show, it will be more of a podcast where I get to interview the people that I’m a member of and show some of the behind the scenes of the show. My plan is to just do a lot of podcasts and also talk lots with my band called “The Samoan Band”, but that might take a little while.

We have talked about you being a big supporter of the Samoan community. What about the support you got when you decided to play in “The Samoan Band”?

I love the community. I love the people in the community and I will always love them.

We’ve talked to people from everywhere and we’ve heard that you are actually a strong believer in the concept of Samoan identity. What would you say is the key to Samoan success?

Samoa comes from Samoan culture, but Samoan culture wasn’t born out of Samoan culture. Samoan identity has roots deep in Hawaii and is defined by Hawaiian people’s culture. We have a unique approach to life and I want people to know that’s what we do.
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