Can you go to heaven with tattoos?

A: Yes!

Q: Have any of the tattoos changed over time?

Mens tattoos: photo num 22829
A: Mostly tattoos. There are still some things like “God’s Favorite Band” or “The Beatles are my Favorite Band.”

Q: What does Jesus feel about tattoos?

A: Jesus is a very religious man and I don’t think he approved of tattoos at all.

Q: Can you say Jesus tattooed on his face?

A: I have a few Jesus tattoos up here, but it’s mainly the face, the tattoo that we like. It’s cool, but yeah, it’s pretty small.

Q: Can you give us some stories about Jesus?

A: I got a tattoo on my face after getting divorced. I got a tattoo on my left eye, which is just my name and my wife’s name. So that’s Jesus and my wife’s name. We have a lot of tattoos.

Q: What did his girlfriend say about Jesus tattoos?

A: She never said anything. I think she kinda thought it was cool, but she’s not really tattooed.

Q: What did Jesus say about tattoos?

A: I had a really neat tattoo on my stomach, on the bottom, and it says “Jesus Died for U” (in black capital letters). I just have a little tattoo on top where I got tattooed and it says, “Gettin’ Down.” It’s a little bit different than some of the other tattoos.

Q: Do you have other tattoos?

A: I have a tattoo on my left bicep, where I got Tattooed & Reblogged. I had a tattoo in the middle of my knee on the bottom, with a bunch of stars on it. And a tattoo on my hand where I got a tattoo off the wrist and it says, “Fifty Shades of Jesus.” I’m the only guy in the whole tattoo store who has that tattoo.

Q: Are tattoos permanent?

A: Some people get tattoos once and then it’s done. But I don’t care about that. I’ll get it on for a few months, then I’ll get rid of it and start over. It all happens organically.

Q: How long did it take?

A: Like 30 hours, I probably spent like 30 hours getting the tattoo done.

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