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Sandra: It is all very simple, but in the beginning the decision was made that I was going to do “The Greatest Gift”.

Why are you on set wearing red lipstick for the film?

Sandra: Well, the colour is a very powerful one. It comes from a place that is very dark and very serious. In the beginning I could still feel the presence of my grandfather, but in his words… “It will be a very, very harsh experience”.

Miguel Cabrera isn’t a bad fit as an every day player, as long as he doesn’t hit the wall.

The Tigers have been shopping Cabrera since the start of the 2014 season, and he’s been one of the most sought after players on the free agent market. Though some teams believe he’s too old and won’t be able to compete, they’ve yet to make a decision regarding the 28-year-old. So, the Tigers haven’t had a clear-cut, permanent replacement in mind for the soon-to-be free agent.

So, Cabrera has had to take a pay cut to remain the team’s everyday player. Cabrera’s pay has also been cut this off-season with a $10 million pay downgrade, but that’s likely to change, as he just hit a career-best .285/.376/.484 and the Tigers plan to pay him $10 million in the upcoming 2015 season.

Now, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan, Cabrera will get a substantial discount compared to his earlier salary this season:

Miguel Cabrera will also receive $10 million in 2015, $11 million this year AND $10 million in 2014 — Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) October 17, 2014
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Passan reports these numbers come from a potential trade involving Carlos Santana, but that’s not necessarily a guarantee.

The trade would allow the Detroit Tigers to cut their remaining roster to 40 players, including three pitchers. In 2013 and 2014, the Tigers were stuck with 38 pitchers, which left them without a major league starter for much of the season. This year, the Tigers are in the hunt for a playoff spot, according to the team’s official website.

With the current roster cut to 40, the team would be forced to deal some pitchers as well. As Passan explains, it’s difficult to see the Tigers trading a left-handed starter that could likely be given a start against lefties, considering their lack of a reliable

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