Does the Bible say not to swear?

No, the Bible does not say not to swear, but it does say not to have oaths given. (1 Cor. 11:28) If a person has an oath or promise given, it is against the law to break, to be dishonorable.

Can a church go to another church and be in violation?

No. A “separated church” is one which is divided by an official, church-sanctioned covenant. The church must be officially recognized to continue the existence of their church and to use the name “the Church.”

What is the difference between a Bible Society and a church?

Both Bible Society and churches are considered to be “communal.” If there is one church in the community (as in a city), then it is considered to be a church.

Why is it always okay for me to stay in my church despite my feelings on other people?

Because we cannot be sure that someone’s feelings are the same as our feelings. People are going to have varying opinions on everything. You are being sensitive to those differences (and we are) and taking it into consideration!

Is it permissible for me to make a “wedding wreath” in the church that honors a “wedding”?

We will not make an “official” wedding wreath for a “wedding,” because that ceremony is not “official.” A “wedding” is a church ceremony.

How can I not participate in the wedding if I do NOT want to participate?

You can not participate in the wedding because you do not want to participate with those whom you know are being disrespectful. We cannot be certain that you do not wish to participate, and therefore we advise against participating.

Where can I learn more about the Bible, church, and Bible Society Clubs?

All Bible Society Clubs are available for those that want to join them as well as anyone interested to participate in the discussion forums. If you have specific questions about Bible Clubs, please contact any Bible Society Club Director at

It was with great pleasure that I attended the opening round of this year’s World Superbowl.

When I first found out I could make it to the stadium, I was a huge football fan. I am not one to watch football games – a typical game would usually be about 30-40 minutes long. That is a long time to spend watching the game in the same sitting