Does the Bible say not to swear?

Q: You said it was fine. Do you think you should say “not to swear” when the Bible says you should not swear?

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A: Of course not! When the Bible states I should not swear, it’s only saying that, “As you see I am not like that!” or “To all this there is no answer” or “The man is a fool.” It doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to swear!

Q: Who decides if you will not swear? Some people are on your side who tell you if you will not swear. Others, they can’t tell you if you will or not. Is this really a question of conscience?

A: No, this is a personal decision made for you and your family.

Q: What about the Bible saying we must not eat and drink with wine or you can’t get drunk?

A: Wine and other intoxicants were not prohibited in the Bible! They also were not banned in the New Testament to keep you from sinning against anyone in Acts 14. So this is not a ban!

Q: How can this really be a personal decision? In the New Testament when Jesus came back, he told his disciples to “be careful to do the works” given to them, which is, not do the works of lawlessness. So his disciples were, of course, not allowed to do those.

A: But the Apostles themselves did the works commanded, and they made obeisance to God the Father with all their heart and with all their soul! So this doesn’t really prohibit us from obeying the commandment!

Q: So are there any restrictions if I don’t like how I’m dressing in front of my friends?

A: The dress code is only to be followed with great care! Not to touch your own hair, not to rub your face on dirty dishes, and not to wear your clothes dirty or covered in filth. Also, not to show your belly button unless you are pregnant!

Q: So when you go out for drinks, would you want to wear a towel underneath your dress or would you want to wear something more provocative?

A: I don’t really care what you wear. However, I love some of the sexy stuff. I love wearing my swim shorts and nothing else underneath. I just thought you should know that I’m a believer!

Q: Okay, so what’s really important is that we keep