How do you design a tattoo?

Well, first, you take photos of your body — in which you have the entire frame and a part of it covered with tattoos, as well as an old photo of your body.

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“I took all the photos and I put my body in the pose that I was in the morning and photographed it in the light that I saw from the bathroom, which had a blue light bulb,” says Breslin. “I tried to make the tattoos as realistic as possible, and all the while they were still getting into my skin. After a while I was pretty confident that they were getting inside me, but the process was a little scary — the feeling of the tattoo in the skin is different from when I get a tattoo.”

“When someone gets a tattoo, they usually want it to be permanent, a permanent imprint, and that kind of goes away after a while,” adds Breslin. “It’s a different experience for all parties involved.”

How does all that tattooing go down? You get a tattoo, and there’s a lot of experimentation involved; you have to wait for it to cool, and when it cools off, it will go right back in place. So, if you didn’t have any tattoo material at your disposal, you have to come up with the ideas of what you want to say.

“I had some friends who told me that they had a friend who wanted a tattoo like one of these guys from American Horror Story tattooing, so we went and got these tattoos in his honor,” adds Breslin.

You get a picture of your face. It’s supposed to be the same color with no color changes. I had to use the same kind of photo that I used to wear for my last tattoo — like the one my mom was doing for the wedding day back in 2004. We also added a black and white tattooed hand into the picture a few minutes earlier. We had a friend get all black and white in his head, and to cover it up, he put a purple pencil on it to mark it down on the paper.”

“Finally, I had a picture of my arm and what it looked like when I got it tattooed, and I thought about doing a tattoo there,” she adds. “I didn’t want to take it off on my arm because it was really uncomfortable to wear it as a picture. I ended up taking the picture off then put it in the black space so that I could keep it on my arm and