How do you design a tattoo?

And more importantly, What Makes the Tattoo Perfect? Read our interview with Mike Kuehn.

Tattoo Design by Mike Kuehn has been featured in magazines including Elle, The Body, The Huffington Post and The Times, he is a successful illustrator based in Portland Washington where he designs and creates work that helps inspire and entertains. You can follow on the Facebook and Instagram pages or see the full portfolio on his website.

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For me, there are lots of reasons not all children are able to play games, be creative or perform well in classes, or are in particular need of special support. But in one case, I can totally empathize.

I’m a 13-year-old girl, and my family was one of the first to live through the crisis of homelessness in the city. We were given a bed by the city because we couldn’t afford one ourselves. At 7 and 8 years old, they were in a shelter. We lost everything we owned, not only in our home, but in our clothes and our toys, as much as 10% of our income during the time we were in a homeless shelter.

Our family spent that $4,000 a month for about three months. The money was used to get food, water and other necessities to help feed our family, which was very tough. We were too far to walk to our local school, where there didn’t even be a bus on the way, or to go to the park.

I remember going to the grocery store and walking into the store. I could see the shelves full of meat with a sign that read, “Meat was a $2.50 a pound,” but if we walked by, that was no longer an issue. We didn’t have a lot of money even then, and my mom would have to pay for all of that.

In time, my mom eventually could pay for everything, but it was a process. In the first few years that she had to pay for everything, she was living out of her car and her rooming house. The rent for her room was $500 a month, plus another $200 a month they paid her to live at our home, then another $200 a month for utilities, gas, electricity and a security deposit. After that, it would only be $450 a month for basic housing. She still paid for groceries.

It wasn’t until this past week that I had a