How does a tattoo gun work? – Tattoo Designs Men

The gun is attached to your body in various ways.

1.) The tattoo gun will be attached to and/or attached to your skin by some type of skin adhesive. (I know what they did to me!)

2.) Next to the tattoo gun, there is a laser, which is the laser used to actually heat up the ink to where it is going to be injected into the tattoo wound.

3.) When the laser heats up your piece of skin, it’s going to turn your tattoo into a gun. Think of the laser as a heat ray that heats up the ink. The laser is a very powerful force with great ability to actually cut the ink into small pieces, so your tattoo is going to split in half and then split in half again.

4.) When this happens, the laser energy is going to cause your tattoo gun to get very hot. When the laser gets hot, it’s going to release energy. When the laser releases energy it’s going to cause your ink gun to melt into the skin.

5.) The ink now has a high melting point (because its heated by the laser) and is going to start going from one side of the tattoo to another. These small pieces are going to be drawn to your body. Now, you might be thinking, “that’s a lot of blood! How do you stop that?”

Here is how you stop your tattoo gun from bleeding.

1.) Get a small paper towel and gently clean your tattoos.

2.) Place the paper towel right on top of the tattoo tattoo gun and use a cloth to protect your skin.

3.) Now apply some petroleum jelly (if your tattoo gun comes with a nozzle that is designed to be used for tattoo gun purposes).

4.) This will give you the ability to apply pressure on the tattoo gun and create a pressure wave. Use some dental floss or a piece of masking tape to hold the paper towel while you apply the pressure.

5.) Keep applying pressure. You will need to use different types of pressure when applying pressure to your ink gun. The most common type of pressure is to gently apply pressure to the gun. Once your pressure wave is created the tattoo is going to be stopped from doing whatever it’s causing it to do.

6.) After you’ve stopped your tattoo gun from bleeding and your pressure has been created, you just need to take a piece of tissue and scrape right through the wound.


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